Not Perfect

Hello again, It’s lil miss knows it all. For this article I wanted to talk about you. You are absolutely not perfect and you do not want to be. Being perfect or even trying to be perfect is overwhelming and exhausting. Everyone depends on you and it never ends. The responsibility is a lot and I don’t think that you want all of that responsibility on your shoulders.

Also, you are not perfect with your looks. You do not have a perfect face. You are beautiful or handsome. And the way you look doesn’t matter. It is the way you act.               It’s like one of my favorite saying “Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face, it’s about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart and a pretty soul.”


Beauty is about you, how you look, how you like it, and how you want it. Not about how anybody else wants it. Don’t let people tell you how to look. In fact don’t let people tell you how to look, what to wear or how to act. Those are all things that you control and that you should control. You have control on your life, not your friend, your sibling, your teacher, or even your parents. Your parents can’t control what you do when your at school or when your an adult. You know what I mean?

You are who you are and nobody and I mean nobody can change that. Don’t let the people that tease you and that are rude to you, define you. My point is that you are you and that’s who you are. Keep that in mind so that if something does happen it doesn’t get to you.       Til Next Time   -Lil Miss Knows It All-



My Blog

This is the post excerpt.

Hey everyone, it’s lil miss knows it all. For my first post I just wanted to talk to you about my blog. So my blog is a place were you can express how you feel. I don’t want you to be scared. I will give you real advice hoping that it helps you in your problem area. You can email me long or short emails about your problem. Whatever your comfortable with. I am very excited to help you out. And secondly I wanted to explain how my blog is going to work. So, first of all I will post one article every week explaining which problems are most common. Just email me your problem by going to contact then comment and send it to me. Put a name for your problem like angry girl or lonely depending on what your problem is so that in my weekly article I can write your name and your problem. When I publish the article you can just scroll down and find the name you used then read my advice. You will be able to follow my blog and if you do you will receive notifications whenever I post a new article. I am very exited to soon be helping you.

Til Next Time

Lil miss knows it all


Happy Lifestyle

Hi guys, so I noticed that I have not been getting any emails so that means that there is no drama or problems, Yeah!!!!!!!!!!  Remember that if you do have any problems then you can talk to me. This is a safe place. Whatever you are doing keep doing it becuase there is no drama. Keep it up! 🙂                                                                                                                                                                       Til Next Time                                                                                                                                  Lil MISS Knows it All

Self Control

Hello guys, I am so, so sorry that I have missed a few weeks. I have been very busy and sick.  😦        Today, I just wanted to talk about Self Control. It is very easy to lose Self Control. Either when you are mad at someone or you are stressed about something. I know that I can lose Self Control sometimes too. Not all the time are you going to be able to maintaine your self control. I know that it is really hard. So, some ways to help are to count to ten, take deep breaths or scream in a pillow or in your head. One thing that I do is a clench my fists really hard then let go, so it lets all the anger out. Or you can just take a break and get away from the situation. Like going outside or having some time alone. Sometimes you need to completely get away from the situation like staying the night at a friends house. Some people are just over all really annoying that want to make you explode so something that I do for that is I just say yes or nod to really anything they say, same with people that think their right all the time. Don’t let people like that get to you because to them that is their job. Use these tricks next time that you ae going to explode.                                                                     -Til Next Time-                                                                                                                                  Lil Miss Knows It All

Christmas Cravings

I hope you had a Merry, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I certainly did. I had three Christmas’s in a row. Which was so much fun for me not just because of the presents but mostly because of the family. That is what I look forward to every Christmas or holiday. Christmas is all about family and thankfulness. Thankfulness for what you give and what you get. But most of all that your family came or that you have family to spend Christmas with. I know some people who are like ” I got this and I got that. Then they asked me how was your Christmas and I say I got this.” And their like “Oh. That’s all?” Yeah I said. It’s like they thought got a lot more, which they probably did but I got to spend more time with my family so hahaha!  I am thankful for the amount of presents I get. Unlike some people. I hope that you were not this person this Christmas. I hope you are a much better person than this. If you had an amazing Christmas like I did then please comment on this article. Merry Christmas!


Hey guys today I just wanted to say hello and ask how your week went but secondly I would like to ask you guys “Do you like my blog”? If you do then please comment below on this article. Also, If you commented then it would be very helpful and thanked if you guys could tell all your friends and family about my blog. Not to put another chore on your plate but that would really help. Thanks                                                                                                                                                                         Til Next Time


This week I got a couple emails and they were pretty different but common problems. You know what I mean? Just try to keep your cool in situations. It helps. Trust me. Anyway let’s get to it

Dear Miss knows-it-all I’m not sure how to tell a friend that she doesn’t belong where my friends and I are I mean she makes such a little situation so big that involves people that don’t have to or want to be involved how can I tell her without having a conference with my teacher that there’s better friends for her than who I hang out with because the people who I hang out with or seriously rude to her. So I need a little help and advise I honestly don’t really want to hang out with her either because she creates drama and I don’t like that.                                       -Sad Girl-

Dear Sad Girl, I like that you know what you like and want in friends. My advice would be to pull her aside and tell her how you feel. But stay calm. If you don’t it will make the problem bigger and worse. If she does blow up (get mad) then you might have to get your teacher involved. Just tell your teacher that you don’t like all of the drama. Don’t tell any of your friends because it doesn’t involve them so just keep it to your self.                                                                                    Til Next Time                                                                                                                                                Lil Miss Knows it All

Dear Lil miss knows it all I have a friend who is constantly getting mad at me for the weirdest things and I don’t know what to do cause it happens like every day one day she even got mad at me because I gave my friend a nice note and she wanted to know what it said cause she thought it was about her and I did not tell he so she got mad or the other time when I moved seats because my friend did not get to sit at my table and then she got mad and I said you always move seats for her but not me. I don’t know what to do please help                                           -Confused101-

Dear Confused101, I think that if this friend gets mad at you all the time for the “weirdest things” then is she really your friend. You need to consider who and who aren’t your friends. Then, you can start by just kind of staying away from her. If that doesn’t work then find a time in private and talk to her and tell her that you don’t like all of the drama. Don’t pull her away from her friends or they will want to know what you talked about. Stay calm and be nice. Well I’m sure that your always nice.                                                                                                           Til Next Time                                                                                                                               Lil Miss Knows It All

Best friends or not?

I’m back and I wanted to say that I am going to do two articles this week just to get started. So here we go.

Dear Lil miss knows it all, I have a best friend and we have been best friends from kindergarten. This new girl came along today and she and my best friend are now hanging out together without me. Are they best friends now?                                                                                                               -Left Out-

Dear Left Out, nobody can have just one best friend. Just because she is hanging out with somebody new doesn’t mean that your not her best friend anymore. Maybe she just needs a little break. When she is alone tell her what your feeling but stay calm.

Til Next Time                                                                                                                                           Lil miss knows it all


Dear Lil miss knows it all, today at my school I went up to my best friend and she just looked up at me then ran away. And in class she has been ignoring me.  What is happening to my friendship?                    –Confused

Dear, Confused I’m sorry that this has been happening to you. Pull her aside and have a little talk with her and ask her if you did something wrong because sometimes you can do things to offend people without even knowing. If she can’t have a little talk with you then she is not your real best friend.               Til next time                                                                                                                                                                                           Lil miss knows it all